Our victims don’t count
The Third World in World War II
For more than 12 years a collective of free-lance journalists, called “Rheinisches JournalistInnenbüro” and based in Cologne is trying to overcome the eurocentric views on the history of World War II, supported by a group of researchers called “Recherche International e.V.”.
The first result of the research in 30 countries over a whole decade was the publication of the book “Unsere Opfer zählen nicht – Our victims don’t count” in 2005, followed by a special educational edition for teachers and schoolkids, which was published in 2008.
On September 1st, the 70s anniversary of the beginning of WWII in Europe (!), an exhibition on the forgotten role of third world countries and people was presented for the first time in Berlin (Uferhallen im Wedding) to tour afterwards through different cities in Germany, Switherland and Austria probably until the end of 2013.
Recherche International e.V. is still hoping to find a publishing house for an English edition of the book “Our victims don’t count”, which was selected by 24 critics in Germany as the most important non-fiction book of the month, when it came out.
We also are still looking for funds to produce an English version of the exhibition (in a small format A1), so that it could be presented in English-speaking countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania.
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